PerformancePro Cascade Pump/High RPM



The Cascade series is an excellent performer with superior efficiency and reliability. Ideal for ponds, water features, or general transfer and recirculation applications. Cascade pumps produce exceptional flow rates at exemplary head pressure.

Durable, industrial grade Noryl® and Polypropylene components are built for exceptional longevity offering both corrosion and abrasion


Offered in low RPM units from 1/8 hp to 1/4 hp and high RPM units from 1/3 hp to 3 hp. Each unit offers exceptional flow rates with excellent energy efficiency to suit a variety of applications.




PerformancePro Cascade
is a high efficiency, industrial grade pump. Ideal for ponds, water
features, general transfer and recirculation applications.
Cascade pumps produce excellent flow rates at sustainable
pressure (head) to provide outstanding performance. The
industrial grade polypropylene housing is built for long term use.
A strainer pot may be attached to facilitate priming in a suction lift
application and strain debris from the inflow.
Available in 1/8 to 1/4 hp @ 1725 rpm and 1/3 to 2 hp at 3450 rpm.

Cascade High 3450 RPM
Model       Amps            Max Head    Mid Point Flow               Max Flow
PP- 1/2       4.4                     71 ft.           1,800 gph @ 44′             3,570 gph @ 7′
PP- 3/4        5.9                   80 ft.             3,200 gph @ 65′            6,402 gph @ 20′
PP- 11/2      6.6                   80 ft.             3,600 gph @ 64′             7,230 gph @26′
PP-  2          13.5                 84 ft.             4,500 gph @ 75′              8,814 gph @37′

Cascade - High RPM Curve

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