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Meet the industry leader in water gardening pumps, professionally engineered to take on the serious debris of a pond habitat. Delivering phenomenal dependability for reliable, non-stop, 24/7 operation, the Water Master Solids Handling Pump tackles that down-and-dirty job of filtering suspended solids up to 1¼”. No clogging. No worries


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From experience, we’ve learned when pumps fail due to mechanical issues, it’s normally from water entering a pump’s motor casing through worn impellar shafts, bad bearings, or worn seals. Savio Water Master Solid Handling Pumps feature heavy-duty sealed ball bearings, a ceramic-coated shaft for hardened wear resistance, and – virtually unheard of in the business – an innovative third lip seal on the impeller for maximum protection (the majority of pumps only use two). Our engineers have addressed it all – even built-in thermal protection to protect the pump in case of a low water condition.

Prior to leaving the factory, every single pump is subjected to testing to ensure reliable operation. The end product: a reliable design that provides an unbeatable combination of quality and low maintenance.

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Savio Solids Handing Pumps

SWMC 1200 gph ), SWMC 1740 gph, SWMC 2220 gph ), SWMC 3960 gph)