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Koi Clay

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Thrive Koi Clay contains the ideal balance of Calcium, Magnesium and trace minerals for Koi and fish health.  Thrive Koi Pond Clay should be used all year long; although some only use it in the summer to combat algae problems.

Thrive Koi Clay is possibly the best food supplement for Koi and pond health from mother earth. These minerals are the vital element source of nutrients that easily dissolve in water and are absorbed by fish through body, gill, and digestion.

Adequate doses of Thrive Koi Clay in the fish’s diet helps our fish to live healthier and longer, improves their skin quality, adds gloss to their colors, aids in scale development and helps them develop to their full potential.

Calcium Bentonite / Montmorillonite Clay

Thrive Koi Clay contains a balance of minerals in their natural colloidal form, making them easily assimilated. The minerals present in Thrive Koi Clay enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms, improve water quality, and removes toxins from the pond water.

How Thrive Koi Clay Works:

Thrive Koi Clay removes toxins. Calcium Bentonite / Montmorillonite Clay has an extensive surface area which allows it to attract, and then absorb, toxins such as heavy metals, free radicals, and pesticides.

How Thrive Koi Clay Helps Our Fish:

The curative properties of clay are founded in its special physical characteristics, above all in the distribution of its minute particles. Individual clay particles are smaller than many bacteria.

If infected mucous membranes are more or less flooded with clay, the bacteria are completely surrounded by clay particles and are thus separated from their source of nourishment and become imbedded in the inorganic material. Growth and the survivability of the bacteria are thus halted almost instantaneously, and from this is explained the strikingly speedy abatement of the symptoms of infection and/or symptoms of poisoning in acute infectious diseases of the alimentary canal.

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