Pondmaster 1000 – Suitable for small to medium ponds

  • 12" x 12" filter box with locking handle
  • Carbon and polyester media for mechanical/biological/chemical filtration.
  • Connects to intake side of pump.
  • Complete with 3/4" I.D. tubing and fittings.
  • Can connect more than one to a pump.

It can be used with any submersible pump with a flow rate of up to 700 gph. This filter also has a modular design allowing the units to be connected together for larger ponds with more biological load because of higher fish population or abundant plant growth. It can also be used in as little as 6 inches of water. The heavy-duty handle and quick disconnect coupling make removal from the pond easy. The coupling also has garden hose threads for adaptability. The filter is designed to connect to the intake of the submerged pump by use of a supplied flexible vinyl hose.

The water is drawn into the filter and then passes through the enclosed coarse pre-filter and finer carbon filter pad. These pads offer particle filtering and chemical filtration of certain harmful compounds and unwanted colors. The filter media can be easily rinsed or changed.

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