Every pond owner with fish, at some time or another, will probably have to medicate their pond. Though Koi are extremely hardy, it is very important to keep a watch on their environment to keep them at their healthiest.
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Clove Oil – 1 oz.


Clove Oil, when put into a tub of pond water, is used as an anesthetic for koi. As we all know, koi can become extremely stressed out when handled, s…

Debride Medicated Ointment


Debride Medicated Ointment – 12 grams

Debride is a medicated ointment that promotes prompt and complete healing of ulcers, mouth rot, fin rot, and tail rot, all symptoms of Aeromonas and …

Pond Rid-Ich Plus – Liquid


Pond Rid-Ich® Plus is a combination of special forms of two powerful fish medications – formalin and premium grade malachite green. Effective me…

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PraziPro Plus / Praziquantel


 PraziPond is out stock

Praziquantel is available is the same result

PraziPond Plus is the preeminent treatment for flukes. It is by far the most gentle, yet effective treatment for flukes available to our hobby. …

Praziquantel Powder is a highly effective medication when treating flukes and flatworms in both freshwater and saltwater environments.  Can safely be used on sharks.  Praziquantel is safer than most other anti-parasitic medications.



ProForm-C ( Liquid )


ProForm-C is the preeminent broad spectrum malachite green & formalin treatment. It is formulated differently than any other malachite green &amp…

ProForm-LA – Liquid


ProForm-LA is the safest and most effective treatment for the control of diseases of pond fish caused by Lice and Anchor Worms . It is just as …