Choose the right Koi food

Choosing the right food for your Koi is one on the most important decisions you must make. Read more….

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Hai Feng Quick Grow


QUICK GROW contains wheat germ which will help your Koi grow at a faster rate. It contains sufficient vitamins, organic minerals, vegetable protein…

Pond Plus Feeding Ring


Pond Plus Feeding Ring If you’re tired of your expensive food going into your skimmer before your fish can get to it, the feeding ring will…


Sho Koi Impact Refill Program


Sho Koi “Impact” will give your fish a TRUE measure of protection against a weakened immune system due to improper nutrition or the absence of food during the winter, when many ponds are iced over or have water temperatures below 50 degrees F.

How Pond Pets USA’s Refill Program Works

After purchasing a 2 lb. Jug of Sho Koi “Impact” from Pond Pets USA, you will qualify to use our Refill Program to buy refills at any time – which is presently just $4.25 per pound!

Note: 10 Pound Minimum Order Required from Refill Program!