Ultra Bio-Media by Aqua Ultraviolet

Aqua Ultraviolet Ultra Bio-Media is a sinking media with a very high bio-film surface that is 3 to 5 times greater than other plastic media, such as bio-balls, various mats and foams, beads, ribbon and brush type media, etc.

Superior bacterial adhesion and colonization is achieved due to the surface texture and grade of plastic used.

Additionally, beneficial bacteria is able to build up into a bacterial matrix due to the excellent interstitial spacing within the media.

Under a patent pending process, Ultra Bio-Media is seeded with bacteria and barley to kick-start the nitrification process and to contribute to the control of string algae.

Ultra Bio-Media is the premier choice for any biological filtration application, i.e., filter retrofits, bio-reactors, home made biological filters, etc. Possible biological applications of this media are limited only to one's imagination.

While Ultra Bio-Media may be similar in design to the Ultima II Filter media, it is actually a little bit longer and larger in diameter.

Ultra Bio-Media is sold by the cubic foot. 8 lbs. of media is approximately 1 cubic foot of loose media; 4 lbs. of media is approximately 1/2 cubic foot of loose media. Contents may settle during shipping. We sell by weight to eliminate issues that may arise from volume variances that occur between loosely filled boxes that subsequently settle into smaller volumes.

Individual pieces of the Ultra Bio-Media are approximately 1/2" in length by 1/4" in diameter.

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