When you purchase a complete EasyPro kit you save big money.

These popular pond kits eliminate the time and guesswork of assembling a pond package.
The kits include everything you need to build a beautiful water garden, including liner, underlayment, skimmer, small AquaFalls filter, 25' of 1-1/2" flexible PVC pipe, high efficiency pump, underwater light kit, all necessary fittings and instructions.

All Easy Pro "ES" Pond Kits ship UPS in two boxes.

All components of these kits are top-quality, from the heavy-duty 45 mil EPDM liner to the long-lasting energy efficient pumps. Once installed, these ponds will provide years of enjoyment to the homeowner.


A EasyPro Pro-Series Complete Pond Kit Includes the Following:
  • Pro-Series Small AquaFalls Filter
  • Liner Underlayment
  • Pro-Series Skimmer with Filter Brushes
  • 45 Mil Rubber Liner
  • Energy Efficient Submersible Pump
  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Check Valve Assembly. Fittings & Instructions
  • 25' of 11/2" Flex PVC Pipe
  • Waterfall Installation Kit (pvc glue, primer, silicone, black foam)
  • LED Light Kit – 3 Mini LED Lights with 45-watt Transformer
The ES66FB, ES611FB, ES811FB come with a mini skimmer (Model #PSMFB), and a EP2200 pump (2,200 gph).
The ES11AFB, ES16AFB come with a small skimmer (Model #PS1FB), and a TH150 pump (3,100 gph).


Pond kit skimmers come standard with filter brushes! Brushes require less cleaning than traditional filter pads.


Kit # Liner Size Approx. Pond Size Approx. Gallons GPH Flow Pump Model


10' x 10'

6' x 6'

400 2,200 EP2200


10' x 15'

6' x 11'

750 2,200 EP2200


12' x 15'

8' x 11'

1,000 2,200 EP2200


15' x 15'

11' x 11'

1,400 3,100 TH150


15' x 20'

11' x 16'

2,000 3,100 TH150


The EasyPro pumps come with a 2-3 year warranty, depending on pump model:

  • EP2200 – 3 years!
  • TH150 – 2 years!


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