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Pond Vacuums

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Ponds are often dirty and have an accumulation and build up of debris on the bottom of them. Much of this is organic material that settles and compacts in the depths of the pond. Therefore one of the most proactive and useful things a pond owner can do is keep the pond clean and clear of some of this build up. And pond vacuums are the perfect tool for that.

The “Muck Buster” line of Pond Vacuums offers you 3 sizes of pond vacuum. For small to large ponds, a Matala Pond Vacuum will be a great tool to keep your pond in top shape.

All 3 sizes have the same powerful motor. The new energy efficient German motor design offers the power of a 2 hp with the energy savings of a 1.5 hp. Matala vacuums are known for having great suction power and are very reliable. These vacuums actually have 4 x the suction lift power over the competition. They use only quality hoses, fittings and connections to ensure you get the job done.

The original Pond Vacuum II is a great choice for ponds up to 3,000 gallons. The Pond Vacuum II Plus and the Pond Vacuum Pro are more suitable for bigger jobs.

Matala “Muck Buster” Vacuums all function on a fill and drain cycle. When the holding tank is full the motor will turn off automatically and the dirty water will drain out to the garden or yard drains; downhill by gravity. Once the tank is drained the motor will turn back on automatically to continue vacuuming.

Good pond hygiene will reduce algae growth and improve your fish health. If you have debris building up on the bottom of your pond it may be time for a good pond vacuum.

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