Koi Fish Pond & Water Gardens

Koi Fish Pond & Water Gardens

A koi fish pond or a water garden isn’t only about higher property values. It’s about adding a place of peaceful repose to your life. Our beautiful koi ponds are designed and created to bring relaxing and peaceful energy to homes.In the video at left, you can see just one of our many Koi Ponds we’ve created.


Reasons for a Koi Pond
in Your Backyard

Natural Beauty

Imagine having guests over for a relaxing evening in your backyard with the view of beautiful, brightly colored, and uniquely patterned koi.

Your guests will be impressed and mesmerized by the visually appealing creatures.

Koi Ponds Help Relieve Stress

Having a tranquil and happy backyard is a wonderful way of relieving stress and getting in touch with one’s inner person. Koi pond owners often feel rejuvenated after spending time relaxing on the edge of the water.

Koi Fish – Low-maintenance Pets

Koi pond owners often grow attached to the brightly colored fish. It is like having a pet, but they stay outside year-round and require much less maintenance than a dog or cat would.

Raise Your Property Value

Ask any real estate agent, and they will tell you that backyard koi ponds raise the marketability of a home.

They are an attractive amenity to prospective buyers and can play a key role in how quickly a house will sell and at what price point. It is the exotic beauty of koi ponds that make buyers feel as though they should be paying a higher price.

Bring You Strength & Good Fortune

Japanese culture cherishes the koi fish and connects them to good fortune, even good luck. They are also associated with “perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose.” One of the reasons the koi fish means so much to Japanese culture is that koi are known for swimming upstream no matter the conditions, which shows that they never back down from a challenge.

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Our Services

  • We perform maintenance for koi fish ponds, water gardens and aquariums.
  • We install, design and upgrade filtration systems
  • We identify and treat the disease
  • We design and build beautiful koi ponds, waterfalls, water gardens and aquariums.
  • We perform aquarium relocation
  • Professional koi transporting (and quarantines)
  • We perform water testing
  • Professional spring cleaning on koi ponds

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